Here you will find information about our favorite passion - - gardening. You will find
that Danville Master Gardeners are scattered around the community sharing our
passion for all things gardening.
We are working to become a source for local horticulture information to our
communities -
either through literature racks in your local garden centers,
in our booth at the Community Market on a Saturday morning during the summer
or speaking to various local organizations.

We also want you to learn more about Master
Gardeners, how to become one, what we do for
our community and the programs we offer at our
monthly meetings. Check out our calendar and feel free to
join us when a topic interests you.

Visit us often and watch us grow!

Happy Gardening,
Danville Master Gardener Association
Danville Master Gardener Association
Danville, VA
Plan now to purchase rain barrels or CobraHead tools from the Danville Master Gardener Association.  Please
contact us through the website or by calling our local extension office and leaving your information.  Thank